One of the greatest Lacus perks is that you don’t have to go to garage to get and leave the car any more! Lacus is your virtual garage! The cars are located all around the 4 boroughs such as Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan and the convenience of the system lets you see and rent the car in your nearest location. You simply choose a car that you like on the map, reserve it, go to work and after the shift, you leave the car at any place convenient for you, provided, that it’s a legal parking spot for the next 24 hours and is located in 4 boroughs. Thanks to Lacus, you can save so much time and spend it on other things which matter to you!
Please note, that if you park the car outside the 4 boroughs this will result in a $100 fine & in case you choose a parking spot outside NYC, a $500 fine will follow. So, please remember to choose a spot within the 4 boroughs! 

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