If you’re interested in renting a vehicle weekly, you can find this option in your Lacus app. The weekly rent lasts for exactly a week from the moment you begin your reservation. So, it means that you are going to have the car for 14 shifts (7 day shifts & 7 night shifts) at your full disposal. Shifts switch at 5 AM/PM (every 12 hours). In your app you will see the car lease price, but, please, keep in mind that for each shift fees will apply, namely:

Credit Card Fee - $11.00 (which goes to Verifone) / 1 per shift;

Sales tax - $4.77  (which goes to State) / 1 per shift.

So, if you rent a vehicle for a week you’ll have to add $220.78 to the lease price you see in the app.

Lacus charges you only for the car lease.

There is a convenient option of sharing the weekly lease with a partner.You can split the car lease payment in any proportion you like (it doesn’t have to be 50/50, it can be regulated by you depending on how much of the rental time you are going to drive and how much time is going to be taken by your partner). 

To find out more about sharing a weekly lease with a partner, please, follow the link below!


Should you have any other questions regarding weekly lease or any other matter, feel free to contact Lacus Support at any time!

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