If you want to submit a receipt, here are 2 ways you can do it.  Once you learn to do it, it'll take you 1-2 minutes to send your receipt.

       Option #1:

       1. Take a picture of your receipt (it doesn't matter what kind it is, it can be a receipt for gas, car wash, meter shop or mechanical service).
       2. Open your Lacus app.
 Click the main menu button (in the top left corner).
       4.  Choose 'Help & Settings' (at the bottom of the menu).
       5.  Click 'Help & Chat'.
       6. When the Message icon pops up (it may take up to 20 seconds for it to appear in the bottom right corner), click on it (looks like an envelope).
       7.  Choose 'Send a message' option.
       8. Type your full name and TLC driver ID number.
       9. Click on paper clip icon to upload your receipt photo.
      10. Send the message.

       Option #2:

  1. Select Options

2. Choose ‘Report damage/Receipt’

   3. Attach & Send Picture. 


Make sure it’s an image of the whole receipt with date and time clearly visible.

Please, keep in mind, that if you want to get a car wash refund, you also need to include a photo of a clean car. Only $12 or less car wash receipts are refunded!
You can also report damage by switching to “Report Damage” option at step 2.

We hope you find this information helpful. 

Should you have any questions, please, feel free to ask us via 'Help and Chat' or by calling Lacus Support.

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