Once you choose the vehicle you want to rent, you're prompted with a choice

  1. Periods - Hourly or Weekly 

   2. Price types - Flat Price or Flex Price

If you choose -
Hourly Rental with Flat Price
Price for the period until 5 AM/PM which is adjusted based on local authority price cap, divided by minutes and multiplied with minutes left until 5 AM/PM

Hourly Rental with Flexible Price (TLC Pilot Program)
You don't pay anything upfront, only taxes (sales tax & credit card fee), allowed by local regulator. Rental period is 12 hours from reservation starting period.
Flexible price means that 35% of your fare (only fare and extra), is going towards the lease. You can find out more about this pilot here.

Weekly Rental with Flat Price or Flexible Price
Price is based on local regulator's price cap for 24-hour weekly rent. After this step, you will be prompted with an option to add a partner which is optional.

You can find out more about weekly lease and renting with a partner here:

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