The passenger pays for the fare with his/her credit card. Balance deposited to the garage merchant account.
On average, based on credit card issues, it takes no more than 4 business days (Visa, Master, Discover - 3 days, Amex - 4 days)

How does it work in Lacus? You finish your reservation and system automatically requests to transfer money from garage merchant account to your Lacus associated account. Usually, funds are available for cash-out in 3 days / 72 hours from the moment of finished reservation. This is how fast banks process this transaction. Please, note that weekend days/holidays are not business days.

Once you see the money appear on your Available balance, you can either make a payout to your direct deposit (which takes up to 72 hours to be processed) or order a check by mail to the provided address (which might take longer/up to 5 days).

New drivers might experience a slight delay in funds availability ONLY due to first time request and bank requirements.

The driver has an option to request an ACH (wire-transfer) to specified US Bank or order a check. Check can be mailed to the provided address.

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