Only the renter may drive the rental vehicle. 

However, if you choose weekly rental, you will be prompted with a choice to add a partner and share the car lease. If you decide to add a partner, please make sure you follow all the requirements for this kind of lease. 

First of all, the driver, who you add as your partner has to be registered in Lacus. 

Please, make sure to notify the second driver that you are going to sign him up for this lease! 

You can split the car lease payment in any proportion you like (it doesn’t have to be 50/50, it can be regulated by you depending on how much of the rental time you are going to drive and how much time is going to be taken by your partner). All the tolls that may occur are assigned to you or your partner automatically.

Once you add another driver as your partner, he will get a notification. It’s very important to remember, the rental can be started by you or your partner ONLY after your partner confirms it in his Lacus app. If you decide to share the weekly rent with a partner after you have already begun the reservation - you can contact Lacus Support and we’ll assist you in adding a partner to this rental.

Sharing the rented vehicle with another driver any other way is strictly forbidden. 

A driver, who shares the vehicle with somebody else without using this option of Lacus app rental, will be penalized from the system until the case is resolved.

We hope this information answered your questions about sharing a vehicle rental, should you have any other questions, please contact Lacus Support at any time! 

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