1. If you are in an accident, please get to a safe area and make sure to call 911 if you are injured or need to file a police report. Get the police report number if one is filed.
  2. Check the status of the plate number and if it’s ok, please, bring it to 876 McDonald Ave when you stop by to file an accident.
  3. Call us by clicking “Report Accident” or by calling (855) 885-5559
  4. If another party is involved, make sure to exchange proper insurance information.
  5. Take as many photos as possible from all angles and make notes about what occurred.
  6. If the vehicle needs to be towed, please call our support number (855) 885-5559 and follow the prompts. The driver is responsible for noting where the car is towed to. 
  7. If the vehicle is still drivable, the driver is expected to drop the vehicle off at the fleet’s location immediately and end the rental.
  8. If a rideshare app was on, record where you were on your trip and get contact information for any rideshare passengers.
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